Another day…

I thought that reading about other depressed moms-to-be would help me not feel so isolated. I was wrong. It’s triggered an awesome crying jag. I hate this– it isn’t me at all. It makes it worse that I can intellectualize through the emotions, but I still can’t *do* anything about it. It’s like I’m trapped in this depressed, weepy state, where I feel totally overwhelmed by the simplest things and then guilty for not being excited and happy.

I also have zero appetite– I’m eating because I know that I need to, but I’m full after a couple of bites, and then have to force myself to eat more. I can’t seem to get hydrated– no matter how much water I drink, my pee is still nowhere near clear. *sigh*

There is so much that I should be getting done today. I need to call and find out about the public assistance crap, which is hard to do when you can’t stop crying. I need to learn the WordPress stuff. I should be writing. I should be reading. But instead I just sit here feeling anxious and sorry for myself. Yay for productivity.

I need to just put on the big girl panties and deal. But I don’ wanna :/


One Response to “Another day…”

  1. The pee isn’t clear because there is so much more of a toxic purge going on than usual. Just keep chugging away and try to eat nutrient hearty fruit and veggies when you do eat so that things are worth it. Your body is up to so much craziness that it is just trying to figure it all out, and it will. For me, the first month was the WORST. You are almost there already.

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