Good Days and Bad

Yesterday was a good day. Went to Planned Parenthood and got my official test done– Due date is 12/30/12, and got all of the WIC stuff taken care of.

Was in a great mood all day. Happy to be pregnant, and just generally feeling good.

Today? More sadness. I think the overcast weather might have something to do with it. I’m not nearly as ambivalent about the pregnancy, but I’m just… meh… down. I don’t feel like eating or doing anything else that I need to do. I don’t feel like dealing with making prenatal appointments and figuring all of that crap out. I did, however get the forms for Welfare filled out online– just need to scan and attach all of the supporting documents.

We’re suppose to go out to Jenny McCarthy tonight, and I’d just rather  stay home. I’m still not really tired at all. Slept about 6 hours. Wish I could sleep more– I’m starting to miss sleeping. Although I am thankful to not be totally exhausted all of the time either. My body evidently likes being pregnant (iron was 14.4 at WIC appointment, when 10.4 is normal). Too bad my brain is being such a bitch about it…


One Response to “Good Days and Bad”

  1. But it totally sounds like you are making progress. I’m glad you are getting all the WIC stuff figured out. That really helps.

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