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8 weeks 3 days

Posted in Pregnant with tags , , , on May 22, 2012 by Me

So the wonderful people at UMC set me up with an OBGYN who will see me free of charge for 90-days with my pending medicaid 🙂

Further synchronicity happened later on the same day as my meeting at UMC. I went into work to do a prenatal massage for a woman who is exactly two months ahead of me. During the massage she gushed about how wonderful her doctor and his RNP are, and how he has taken care of her for all four of her pregnancies. At the end of the session, she gave me his card. Yep, you guessed it. It’s the same doctor that I already had the appointment with! This really gave me some peace of mind with just having a doctor randomly assigned to me.

Had my first prenatal appointment yesterday. Things went well– they set up my referral for the perinatal doctor, who will be supervising my prenatal care. I will be seeing both doctors, starting soon. I’m hoping that I can get in with the specialist by week 10, to get the Down’s Syndrome screening done. I wasn’t able to see the baby at the appointment, as their ultrasound equipment was down, and I won’t be able to get my first ultrasound until my medicaid comes through (unless we can come up with $150 that will be reimbursed after delivery). I did find a place that will do a basic 2D ultrasound to see the heartbeat for $25, so we might just do that. The RNP seemed to think that the specialist might do the ultrasound and bill us for it, so it can be picked up by the medicaid coverage once it goes through. The good news is that we are on day 22 of the application, so it should be approved in the next 23 days…

Blood pressure was awesome (107/71) and apparently my urine was ok, since they didn’t set me up for the glucose challenge test. They did take 10 vials of blood (the phlebotomist got me on the first stick and it didn’t hurt!), so it’ll be interesting to see what all comes back. They are testing my thyroid because it has gotten smaller since I’ve been pregnant. Apparently my body likes being pregnant ok, LOL!

The cramping has pretty much receded, to be replaced by some moderate nausea in the mornings and evenings. Food is definitely not always my friend. The cravings for beef continue (it’s pretty much the only protein that I want), and my blood was nice and dark when they drew it yesterday.

I can’t believe I’m two months in already… mentally, I’m doing better. Having people say, “Congratulations!” doesn’t make me squirm as much, so that’s good, right? I’m still completely freaked out and overwhelmed when they push breast feeding at the WIC office.

Financially, things are about to get even more interesting– since S. is a substitute teacher, he will be done with regular work in the next few weeks, and he hasn’t found anything for the summer so far.  The stress is pretty overwhelming at times.