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Welcome to my pregnancy blog

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These are my uncensored thoughts on being 42 and pregnant. It’s not always going to be happy feel-good, so please understand that this is my outlet. I put the dark things here to get them out, and the happy things are here so that I can keep perspective. You are welcome to come along, but if you feel the need to judge me for my negative thoughts, I reserve the right to moderate your comments, and eventually remove you.

Honesty is important to me here, so that other women can come and see that they are not alone in not being happy all of the time. There is a lot of pressure from society to be happy about being pregnant, and well, it ain’t always a fun time.


Yay Ultrasound!

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Everything went super well! We got to hear the heartbeat and the little Spawn was wiggling all over the place. Everything looks right on track for the due date, which is awesome. Words can’t describe how it felt to see that little baby on the screen and hear its heartbeat.

I have an appointment set up with the Perinatal specialist for 6/12, since I am old and require extra supervision 😉

Still nauseous this week. And the heat kills me (which kind of sucks, living in Las Vegas, where it’s in the 100’s now and we don’t have A/C in the car…). I was a little crampy after the ultrasound (it was vaginal). I’m really looking forward to the second trimester, where maybe I’ll be able to cook again. Well, I can cook, but I don’t want anything to do with the food when I’m done, lol.

We made our announcement last night, and I’m handling the attention really well. I’m finally able to be happy about this. I’m so grateful that the early depression has passed! Mood-wise, as long as I keep my blood-sugar up it’s all good. I’m back down to my pre-preg weight, which they tell me is ok, since I started out 100+lbs overweight.