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13w5d– Boobies! (possibly TMI)

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As enticing as the title sounds, this post might be a bit TMI for any guys reading this blog, so continue at your own risk. You’ve been warned 😉


So,  I am officially down to one bra that fits. Stan has been telling me that the girls were getting bigger, but it just didn’t seem like it to me, lol. I really detest bra-shopping, so I’ll probably put it off until I have no other choice.

Now for the exciting news (well the bigger boobs are exciting  for my hubby, but this is exciting for me, lol). But, first, a little history. When I was very young, like 3 or 4, I dumped a stock-pot of boiling water on myself, causing third degree burns on my chest, hands, and tops of my feet. The burn got infected, and instead of keeping it bandaged, the doctor had me wear a men’s white t-shirt to sleep in, and then the shirt was wet down with betadine and water in the morning and pulled off. Essentially this gave the burn air to heal, and provided a pretty efficient debriding system. Unfortunately, one morning my left nipple came off with the T-shirt in a very painful manner. Now the weird part is that the nipple eventually grew back, areola and all. It’s always had a slightly different texture than the other one, and no one really knew if it would be functional or not, since none of the doctors had ever heard of a nipple growing back (and to this day, I haven’t met one who wasn’t surprised by it). Because of this, I was never sure if breastfeeding would be a viable option for me, since it could be pretty painful if I could empty one side, due to scar tissue.

Fast forward to this week– I have a small amount of colostrum coming out of BOTH nipples! Now the left side only seems to coming out of the middle, whereas there appears to be more outlets on the non-burned side, but this still leaves me VERY hopeful that I’ll be able to breastfeed (at least on the one side, and pump on the other) 🙂

In other news, I still haven’t gained anymore weight, but have had to give up my regular clothes because they were getting REALLY uncomfortable. And while I’m not a fashion plate, I *am* comfy, which is all that matters as far as I’m concerned, lol. I am looking forward to looking more pregnant however, because right now I just feel like I look really fat. And yes, *I* know I’m this shape because I’m pregnant, but it be nice for others to be able to see it too.

Appointment with the new OB on Monday– I hope that she’s nicer than the last one, and more on the same page with the specialist, since I really trust her opinions and experience. .. I’ll keep you all posted!


Update on OB Situation

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My loving husband spent two days working with my Perinatal Specialist’s nurse, and we have obtained a referral for a new OBGYN that she is sure will take marvelous care of us. I’m really hoping so, because it’s a total pain to switch offices, and I really don’t want to have to do it again. My first appointment with the new doctor (Dr. Michaels) is on July 2nd. I’ve filled out and faxed the medical release to the old office so that the new one can have the records before my visit. Maybe she’ll even go over my lab results with me! And give me information on how things are going to work, since this is my first pregnancy! Online ratings of the new doctor are mixed, but I don’t know that that means anything, since all of the ratings for the old one were glowing, which still confuses me.  I wonder if he has one of those services that clean up your online reputations…? I trust Dr. Vo, and I am intending this to be a better experience. Mostly I just hope that the new doctor is neither poor-people, or fat-people prejudiced :\

This week I will be drafting a letter to send to the previous doctor’s affiliated hospital, as well as the program that referred us to him. I am also going to hit the social media sites and rate him as impartially as I can (I’m really trying to keep emotions out of all of this and just stick to the facts– you make a better case that way).  I have to be careful– as I previous victim of psychological abuse, it’s super-easy for me to rationalize everything. Luckily Stan is keeping me honest 😉

How NOT To Treat A Pregnant Patient…

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So, I just had my first visit with my OB, Dr. Wrightson (I saw his RNP, Sarah before, and she was fabulous!!). I am now looking for a new OB because in the brief 12-week visit, I berrated and told:

  1. I am fat and should be LOSING weight, not gaining it. Yes, I’m overweight (292 at 5’10” with a large frame). I have gained a total of 2lbs so far (12w2d). My Perinatal Specialist says that she’d like to see me gain a total 15-20lbs. Dr. Wrightson vehemently disaggreed. He also told me that I should have been exercising all along, because “exercise has no bearing on a high-risk pregnancy”. I’m 42 and my BP and Blood Sugar are both low-normal.
  2. Because Medicaid will pay for OTC meds with a prescription, I asked if he would write me a script for my prenatals and two other OTCs that I take. He informed me “just because Medicade WILL pay for something, doesn’t mean that they SHOULD pay for it, ” and told me that we should just be paying out of pocket for OTC stuff. He then refused to write a script for anything but the prenatals.
  3. When I told him that we are both currently unemployed (my husband is an out-of-work teacher) and that every littly bit helps, he pointed out that we are having a baby. When I told him that there wasn’t much that can be done about it now, he said, “Well there WAS something that COULD have been done about it.” Insinuating what? That we should have had an abortion!? I told him that that wasn’t an option, and he rolled his eyes at me (and apparently mumbled something under his breath, which I didn’t hear, but my husband did).
  4. I had the normal bloodwork done at my last visit, but he didn’t bother to go over any of it with me, instead he simply handed me my chart and walked out of the room. Luckily, I know a little bit about medical tests, so I was able to puruse my lab results and find out that I’m not a CF carrier, and the I have no Rubella immunity (which I already knew). Oh, and I’m Rh+ which would have been nice to know. If i would have been thinking more clearly, I would have just walked out of the office with the chart.

Needless to say I was horrified, and terribly upset. My husband desperately wanted to hit the guy. Knowing absolutely nothing about us or our circumstances, this man did nothing but judge us harshly and obviously find us unworthy to be parents.

The really strange thing about all of this is that he came to me highly recommended! If you look at his online reviews, they say things like “caring”, “patient”, “kind”, “wonderful human being”. It makes me feel like I must be some sort of troll for such a man to dislike me so much! Apparently he’s a great doctor if you’re not fat and poor. *eyeroll* Even if he was having a bad day, it really doesn’t excuse the way he treated me. I left there feeling like he would rather something happen to my baby, than have it raised by a fat, poor, old mother.

Stan has been on the phone with Dr. Vo’s office (my Perinatal Dr.) and they are horrified as well. Her nurse is checking to see if Dr. Vo will take me on as a regular labor and delivery patient, or if she can recommend someone who will treat me with more compassion, and possibly like a human being…

The plan at this point is to write a letter to send to the hospital board, the program that referred me to him, and to him.

11 Weeks 5 Days– Fainting!?

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So there I was sitting on the couch with the laptop on my lap, much as I am right now, when all of a sudden I was HOT and dizzy and rapidly losing peripheral vision. I knew that passing out was imminent. Luckily the hubby was nearby and I was able to ask him for help getting the laptop OFF of my lap and laying down. Then he turned up the A/C and got me a couple of freezy pops and helped me lay down.

I felt better after a little bit, so of course I had to ask Dr. Google if this was a normal thing or not. As I’m sure some of you know, it is. According to the What to Expect, dizziness is a common symptom appearing at 12 weeks, due to low blood-pressure. Wait. LOW blood pressure? That’s a good thing then right? Given that I was measuring high on Tuesday?

I just hope that this isn’t going to be a regular thing– It’s going to be hard to do massage if I have to worry about passing out during the sessions, and I really need to be able to keep working right now… Nothing to do but wait and see, I guess 🙂

In other news– the nausea has let up a bit, and I’ve been able to vary my diet more. Things are looking brighter on the financial front too, so that will help considerably with stress.

11w 3d– Nuchal Translucency Scan (NTS)

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So today was the first visit with the Perinatal Specialist (because of my age). I had another ultrasound done, as well as the  nuchal translucency scan (NTS). This scan helps detect the risk of genetic and heart abnormalities. We also met with a genetic counselor to talk about the risks of genetic abnormalities– for a woman my age, my child has a 1/17 (5.8%) chance of having a genetic problem. That’s a really scary number. Although an optimist would tell me that it’s a 94.2% chance of NOTHING being wrong…

The good news– the baby was super active and appears to be developing normally (actually measuring at 12w).

The not-as-good-news– the nuchal fold measured at 3.0 mm, which is on the cusp of normal (according to the Dr. normal is under 3.0 and abnormal is over 3.0). This means that the baby could be at increased risk for a chromosomal defect (such as Down’s Syndrome) or a congenital heart defect. That being said, 9 out of 10 babies with a nuchal fold of less than 3.5mm are perfectly normal. The only way to be sure is to do either a Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or an Amniocentesis, both of which have their associated risks. Although the CVS can be done sooner (the amnio can’t be done until 16 weeks), it has a  higher risk of miscarriage (1/100 vs 1/1000), and doesn’t give you as much information as the amnio does. We’ve decided on the amnio, and the test is scheduled for 7/17. It takes about two weeks to get the results back after the procedure is done.

Also– my blood pressure was up to 142/82 from 107/71 a month ago. Granted, they took the reading AFTER I was given the above information, and it took the machine 5-6 tries before the machine was able to get an accurate reading. The Dr. isn’t worried about it, since it was one anomalous reading, but of course it’s something else for me to worry about. Stress levels have been high here, given that Stan’s last day of work was last week, and nothing else has come to fruition yet. I’m really praying that my family is going to come through with the help we need to get us through the summer, until he is teaching again.

I am trying hard not to stress about the whole NTS thing. Of course I’ve been scanning the internet and trying to make it give me information that it has no way of knowing. I just desperately want this baby to be healthy (who doesn’t!?) and it is so scary to think that there might be something wrong. And to know that I can’t find out anything more about it for another 5 WEEKS, or actually 7 weeks, since we have to wait two additional weeks for the test results. So, in the meantime I have to go on as if everything is ok, and try not to worry. Awesome. So all of your good thoughts and prayers are appreciated…

The nice thing is that my specialist is also pregnant and AMA (Advanced Maternal Age), and she had an NTS reading of 2.8, and everything turned out fine.

Next week is my 12 week appointment with my regular OB– Saturday is 12 weeks, so I will attempt to enter this next trimester cautiously optimistic.

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So well written!

trying to be good

I just finished babysitting your baby today.


I have salmon stuck on my neck and in the crease under my left breast.

My eardrum is damaged due to high frequency screaming.

I had to hold her while I was peeing because from her perspective it seemed like Satan himself would rape and kill her slowly if I put her down thus I did not get the chance to wipe myself properly…


…no matter though as I am covered in a thick layer of sweat from pushing the stroller up the hill so a bit more wet between the legs even things out.

I washed my hair this morning but all of a sudden it looks like a stringy bag of shit pile.


I haven’t had a chance to eat anything except snatching a few cold peas from her snack pack and my head is pounding.

I watched her draw on…

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