11 Weeks 5 Days– Fainting!?

So there I was sitting on the couch with the laptop on my lap, much as I am right now, when all of a sudden I was HOT and dizzy and rapidly losing peripheral vision. I knew that passing out was imminent. Luckily the hubby was nearby and I was able to ask him for help getting the laptop OFF of my lap and laying down. Then he turned up the A/C and got me a couple of freezy pops and helped me lay down.

I felt better after a little bit, so of course I had to ask Dr. Google if this was a normal thing or not. As I’m sure some of you know, it is. According to the What to Expect, dizziness is a common symptom appearing at 12 weeks, due to low blood-pressure. Wait. LOW blood pressure? That’s a good thing then right? Given that I was measuring high on Tuesday?

I just hope that this isn’t going to be a regular thing– It’s going to be hard to do massage if I have to worry about passing out during the sessions, and I really need to be able to keep working right now… Nothing to do but wait and see, I guess 🙂

In other news– the nausea has let up a bit, and I’ve been able to vary my diet more. Things are looking brighter on the financial front too, so that will help considerably with stress.


4 Responses to “11 Weeks 5 Days– Fainting!?”

  1. ElizabethKay Says:

    “low blood pressure” should be more a “sudden drop in blood pressure”. I had a few of those too when I was incubating. if you had a high reading earlier in the week, it could be your BP trying to equalize again to what you normally are.

    I would make a note of it and mention it to the dr. It could be any number of things from heat, dehydration, having the laptop on your lap affecting the circulation in your legs (the fan vibration would put mine to sleep now ad then NOW, when I’m not preggo). just mention anything weird, even if it is a common pregnancy thing.

    and woot on the financials (((hugs)))

  2. As your body changes and balances out, you’re going to have moments like this. Jibba Groo never really passed out, but she did have balance problems and dizziness. Just be ready to lean. 😀

  3. I did it once. During a super hot massage. I was wringing and on the backstroke I just fell backward. Total tunnel vision. I was able to get up right away but felt off the whole rest o the massage. I, like you, talke to my doctor. Mine was close to where you are now week wise. My midwife said that this is about the point that your body changes both its sugar requirements and the way it processes sugar. They diagnosed me with Gestational Diabetes, but it resolved after less than a month. Just wait it out. It may level on its own. A lot of alternative researchers think that we push the GD label because we don’t really understand how certain mothers bodies handle making/keeping sugar on hand for their wobblers.

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