Update on OB Situation

My loving husband spent two days working with my Perinatal Specialist’s nurse, and we have obtained a referral for a new OBGYN that she is sure will take marvelous care of us. I’m really hoping so, because it’s a total pain to switch offices, and I really don’t want to have to do it again. My first appointment with the new doctor (Dr. Michaels) is on July 2nd. I’ve filled out and faxed the medical release to the old office so that the new one can have the records before my visit. Maybe she’ll even go over my lab results with me! And give me information on how things are going to work, since this is my first pregnancy! Online ratings of the new doctor are mixed, but I don’t know that that means anything, since all of the ratings for the old one were glowing, which still confuses me.  I wonder if he has one of those services that clean up your online reputations…? I trust Dr. Vo, and I am intending this to be a better experience. Mostly I just hope that the new doctor is neither poor-people, or fat-people prejudiced :\

This week I will be drafting a letter to send to the previous doctor’s affiliated hospital, as well as the program that referred us to him. I am also going to hit the social media sites and rate him as impartially as I can (I’m really trying to keep emotions out of all of this and just stick to the facts– you make a better case that way).  I have to be careful– as I previous victim of psychological abuse, it’s super-easy for me to rationalize everything. Luckily Stan is keeping me honest 😉


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