14w2d– New Doctor!

Today I got to meet my new OB, Dr. Michaels… and she was WONDERFUL! She took her time with me, explained what to expect with the pregnancy, what the timeline looks like between now and delivery, and was just a generally compassionate, fabulous human being. The only downside was the 1-hour wait time, but given the quality of customer service in the office, and the care that I received, it’s totally worth it to me. I’ll just bring a book 🙂

She was not surprised that Dr. Wrightson told me that I needed to lose weight, but she also certainly didn’t agree with him. She actually gave me the range of 25-35lbs as acceptable weight gain (the specialist would like it to be closer to 15-20lbs). I had so much anxiety going into this appointment, that I was completely beside myself because I had gained another 2 pounds (bringing my total weight gain to 4 pounds). I’m hoping I can stop obsessing about every pound now and just focus on the bigger picture and eating healthy.

Blood pressure was back where it should be, if a little low– 91/62, which explains why I’ve been so dizzy lately. Basically I need to make sure that I’m drinking 3 liters a day of water to help keep the second number above 60. I also need to always keep in mind to move slowly when getting up, so that I don’t pass out.

The Spawn was ALL over the place today during the ultrasound, so once again, no great pictures, lol! I can’t wait until I can get a 3-D scan done. The heart rate was strong and right on target. Dr. Michaels didn’t necessarily think that we needed to do the amnio, but she also didn’t try to talk us out of it, which was comforting. Dr. Vo (the specialist) has a miscarriage rate of less than 1/1000, which also helped my confidence levels.

Next appointment is with the specialist on the 17th for the amnio (and then we’ll know the sex too!), and then back with Dr. Michaels on the 25th to go over all of the blood work from the first doctor and do the next check up.


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