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21w– Wow that was awkward! TMI Warning! :)

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Doesn’t that warning just make you want to read it a little more? Well, if you do, you were warned, so don’t blame me! Heh.

This sentence is here to take up space in the Facebook preview screen. Aren’t I so creative??


Ok, so here’s something that no one tells you before you get pregnant– sex can be REALLY awkward! Trying to find a position that works for both parties and doesn’t leave me hurting in one way or another is not the easiest thing in the world (nothing is as sexy as having your wife yell, “Ow! My hip!” when you’re trying to get it on. I swear, I felt like an 80-year-old woman! LOL!!). Add to it that we were feeling adventurous (read: “Lazy”) and decided to have sex on the living room floor, rather than going up to the bed (Roommate is out of town, woo hoo!), and hilarity will ensue. We were both laughing at several points because of the sheer awkwardness of the situation. Luckily, primal instinct won out, and we were able to find a way to sufficiently bolster me up and achieve our mutual goals. But damn, it was awkward :p

After it was all said and done, I decided to go hunting for positions for pregnant and/or overweight people– I’ll leave a few links here, so that I can perhaps save you from re-experiencing that moment of virgin awkwardness  from your youth 🙂

One caveat here– some of these positions could  really use illustrations. I’m still not entirely clear on the logistics of several of them. Maybe I need to sit down with a pencil and paper and try to sketch them out…

Oh! And don’t forget that the woman shouldn’t be flat on her back after the fourth month, as this can put weight on her abdominal arteries and cause her to pass out.

Now to the links:

Assume the Position (this one has some rather useless pictures, but good information)

Sexual Positions for the Obese/Pregnant Woman

Comfortable Sexual Positions for Pregnant Women

There are more, but mostly they just repeat the same information. Good luck to those of you who are pregnant and embarking on the journey of carnal pleasures! Remember that it’s healthy to laugh at yourself when it all becomes horribly awkward– sex can be even more fun when you both have a case of the giggles 😉


20w 3d– Half Way!!

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Wow, I’ve really been neglecting this blog… I blame the baby. He’s been eating all of my creativity :p

First, we have decided on a name for the Spawn: Seth Alexander Leonidas.

Second– Holy Crap, I’m half way!!

I’m still having issues with low blood pressure/blood sugar, but I’m figuring out how to preemptively strike to avoid the spectacular crashes that I was having. Added to the mix is Pubic Symphysis Separation, also known as “broken crotch” on the December 2012 boards on (by the way Google Image “pubic symphysis separation” at your own risk– the pictures are pretty horrific!). Which means that, unless I’m sitting in what I now refer to as “an approved pelvic position”, my pubic bone feels like someone has been kicking it (which I guess someone has… lol). I’m talking to the OB next week about getting a prescription for a custom support belt, which will hopefully help. Sleeping with this issue has become a huge challenge, but thankfully, a fabulous friend is sending me her pregnancy pillow this week, so hopefully that will help! Otherwise, things are good. Given my age and my size there are TONS worse things that I could be dealing with, and I am incredibly grateful that things are progressing as nicely as they are.

Today’s ultrasound went well. Seth has everything in the right place and right proportions. He is still measuring almost two weeks ahead (1lb 1oz today!), so they are going to be watching that carefully so that he doesn’t get too big. We are still hoping for a 12/21/12 birth, because that would be cool. I’ve also hit the point in the pregnancy where I will be seeing the perinatal doc every two weeks. Well, not her for the next few appointments because she’s due next week–in the meantime, I’ll be seeing her associate who is also fabulous. In a month, we’ll be seeing the pediatric cardiologist to make sure that everything is ok, because of that worrisome Nucal Scan. Things looked perfect on the ultrasound, but she wants to be sure, and I’m ok with that 🙂

The baby registry is almost finished, so we’ll be sharing the link soooooon! I hate shopping, so I’ve had to do it in small steps, but we’re almost there. Yay!

Hopefully I’ll be better about keeping you all updated! Thanks for your good thoughts, support and interest 🙂