26w 6d

Some good news– I’m not diabetic! Yay!

More good news- At the last check, my cervix is actually longer than before they put the cerclage in! This is a Very Good Thing. It makes it easier to stick to the bed rest plan when I can see that it’s actually working ūüôā

Bitchy things–

1. With my constant low blood sugar, the need to eat is pretty well constant. My glucose levels drop significantly within 2-3 hours of eating (mid 60’s to low 70’s, when normal is 80+), and even faster if I don’t eat enough calories with a good carb/protein balance. I have to say I’m soooo sick of eating! While I’m not as finicky as I was earlier in the pregnancy (thank goodness!!), it’s still touch and go some days, and I have a hell of a time getting in enough food in a timely manor. I’ve actually lost 5lbs or so in the last month, which isn’t that big of a deal because Seth is gaining like a champ, but it’s also not ideal. I need to eat about 3000 calories a day, which is not an easy thing to do when you don’t really have a taste for junk food, and really are trying to eat a healthy diet. I¬†have discovered, however, that adding cream cheese to smoothies is¬†really yummy! So that helps.

2. Wow do I miss sex/orgasm! I actually started to orgasm in my sleep the other night and was able to shut it down¬†in my sleep! I’m so worried about triggering pre-term labor… but damn, I can’t wait until I don’t have to walk around pregnant and¬†frustrated anymore, lol!

3. Having to sit/lay around and watch your husband work himself until he’s sick and exhausted is heartbreaking. He has long days at school, then has to do the shopping, the cooking, and the cleaning when he gets home, all while I sit like a bump on a log. I do help out a little with my 10-minute intervals during the day, but there’s only so much you can do in ten minutes, and I can’t lift anything, bend, stretch, walk a lot, etc… so it’s hard to be particularly useful.

4. Daytime TV sucks, and I’m too lazy to download anything else, and I don’t want to watch most of the good shows without Stan, because things just aren’t as fun without him :\

5. I’m really disappointed that the last half of my pregnancy isn’t going as planned. We can’t take that cool birthing class. There’s no tour of the hospital (hell, we don’t even know¬†which hospital we’ll be delivering at, since it depends on whether we make it to term or not…). There’s no first-time parent classes. I can’t take a breastfeeding class. There’s no romantic date nights before the baby comes. I don’t get to work on the nursery, or go out to the store to look for cool baby stuff. There’s no “babymoon“. There’s no before-the-baby-comes-wild-sex. And what hurts the most isn’t that¬†I’m¬†missing out on all of this, but that my husband doesn’t get to do any of it either, and this is his first baby too. I hate disappointing him (and yes, he’s disappointed, although he won’t let me take the blame for it, because he’s awesome). Ugh. Maybe I should have put this at number one, since it’s obviously the most upsetting for me– the tears have been coming since I started writing this paragraph.

Overall though, I am incredibly grateful that the pregnancy is back on track and although I get bitchy, whiny, and sad, I ultimately can handle laying around if it helps this little boy come out healthy and on-time.


3 Responses to “26w 6d”

  1. ElizabethKay Says:

    as for helping around the house,can you sit and cut veggies, or fold laundry.

    Have you talked to the dr about being able to take a hospital tour while sitting in a wheelchair, at least so you can see what the LDR areas look like?

    Ugh, boredom, I know the feeling! even though I didn’t have to be on bed rest, my oldest was in the hospital for 2 weeks and I sat in a quiet room with him for hours a day. it didn’t even have a tv. and since I wasn’t at home, I didn’t get anything done either.

    Halfway there!!!
    Soon you will be so wrapped up in baby care that you will forget how bored and frustrated you are now.

    • She doesn’t want me getting around in a wheel-chair until we are completely out of the life-and-death range (30 weeks minimum). Sitting upright in the chair still puts a lot of pressure on the cervix (i’m reclined or laying most of the time). And really, it doesn’t matter what L&D is like, since I’ve only got one option until I get past 34 weeks (there’s only one hospital that has a level-3 NICU). If I make it past 34 weeks, I may see if we can go tour the closer (and nicer) hospital that I’d prefer to deliver at.

      I’ve made it through four weeks so far– only 10 more to go! (Once they take the cerclage out at 36-37 weeks, they generally let you up your activity levels, since most women deliver within 11 days).

  2. I love you, Nyk. I can’t really imagine all that your’re experiencing right now. I am, however, thinking the good thoughts for you, Stan and Seth. Hang in there as best as you can. At least the end result is worthwhile. XOXO

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