27w 3d– Ugh.

I’m really coming to dread having to eat at all, much less every 2-3 hours. I have so many food aversions that it’s damn-near impossible and soooo frustrating! If I wait too long, I get super nauseous when the food hits my system, because my blood sugar levels are so low. It is all somewhat less than awesome. And no, I can’t just find a few things that work and stick to them, because I eventually develop an aversion to said items and can’t eat them anymore. Meh. Definitely makes it a challenge to get 3000 calories in in a day… Some days are better than others. Today would not be one of those “better” days.

To make matters worse, I’ve pretty much burned out on most fruits and vegetables (and can only occasionally tolerate V8). Luckily I can still do smoothies (as long as they aren’t at all savory), so that takes care of one meal a day (out of 6-8…).

I really pray this isn’t all indicative that my son will be a picky eater *sigh*


3 Responses to “27w 3d– Ugh.”

  1. ElizabethKay Says:

    With #2, I only had a taste for veggies (mostly salad bars) and had an aversion to cooked beef. We lived behind a McDonalds, my house ALWAYS smelled like cooked meat (we ate a lot of meals at hometown buffet before they set out the lunch offerings). and he is my kid who lives on cheeseburgers. I swear, everywhere we go to eat he wants to order a cheeseburger. with #1 I had cravings for bread and french fries, 2 things the kid isn’t thrilled with these days at all.

    If your spawn acts like mine did, he will eat everything you have an aversion to…so pretty much EVERYTHING!

  2. I lived off of peanut butter when I was pregnant with #2. I had a jar at work, several at home, and even one in my purse sometimes. #2 won’t touch the stuff. If she even suspects it might even resemble peanut butter, she freaks out.

  3. “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Yeah – I just quoted the Bible at you. Buh-BOOM. For now – focus on finding ways to keep yourself nourished. Once the Spawn is loose – THEN you can focus on whether or not dinner time gets “interesting.”

    I love you. Hang in there. ❤ ❤ ❤

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