29w 3d– Holy Crap, I’m having a baby soon!

The timeline really hit home this week. If all continues to go well, I will have the stitches removed around the 5th of December, and there is a good chance that the Spawn will arrive within 11 days thereafter. That’s EIGHT WEEKS away (not to mention that he could still come at any time before that). I also realized that I should already have my bags packed, just in case. I’ve looked at a few lists and got so totally overwhelmed that I just had to stop looking. I’ll try it again later. I really need to make a wheely trip to WalMart for baby outfits for pictures and coming home, cheap pjs and robe for me, nipple pads, nipple cream, baby wipes… *insert anxiety here* so much to think about!

Something else that I’m finally starting to process is that I’ll most likely be having a vaginal delivery. At my age and size, it never occurred to me that that would even be an option, and now it’s being treated like a given. Being the information junky that I am, I’m now starting to panic because I don’t know the first thing about having a vaginal birth! I’ve only ever been exposed to c-sections.  I’d feel more comfortable if I could attend a class at the hospital, but being on bed rest makes that pretty well impossible– the class is 7-8 hours and includes lunch. I’ve been thinking, and may look into getting a student doula to help us out. Stan has been absolutely amazing and I know that he will continue to be, but it might be nice to have someone experienced there with us to help lower the freak-out factor. Reading books and articles online just isn’t the same…

Speaking of freaking out– OMG the house is a mess, and Seth’s room isn’t put together yet, and his clothes and bedding need to be washed, and we really want to get the room decorated, and… and… well, you get the idea. This whole bedrest thing is so frustrating at times like this. Stan only has so many hours in the day, and teaching is NOT a 40-hour/week job (more like 50-60). On top of that, he’s trying to do all of the regular housework, and now he wants/needs to do the prep work for the Arrival of the Spawn. Meanwhile, I get to sit in my recliner like a lump. Soooo not fair.

My mom wants to know when she should come out, and I guess I’m going to tell her to plan on getting here the day the stitch comes out, and plan on staying 4-6 weeks, because he might come then, or he might wait until next year. There’s really no way to tell. I really, really want my girlfriend to be in the delivery room with me (even more so than a doula), but she lives 1200 miles away, and with the delivery date being wide open, it makes it near impossible for her to be here, which sucks, since last minute airfare is positively ridiculous.

It’s officially time for me to calm the fuck down and make a plan 🙂


7 Responses to “29w 3d– Holy Crap, I’m having a baby soon!”

  1. ElizabethKay Says:

    ((((hugs)))) deep breath.
    to pack for he hospital I suggest…
    Basic toiletries (shampoo, body wash, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and hair ties), an MP3 player with headphones for tuning out hospital noise during labor. I didn’t pack a nightgown, I wore hospital gowns the whole time. let them get all the new bodily fluids out of stuff. DO pack some granny panties that are a size larger than you wore pre pregnancy. a blanket, your pillow, slippers, and a clean change of clothes for going home, some snacks, you will be STARVING after delivery.
    For baby, car seat, blanket, onesie, outfit, socks, hat, nursing blanket.

    I hauled in a suitcase, and didn’t use ANYTHING in it…both times.

    A vaginal delivery isn’t so bad, you bleed more (like a really heavy period) after and can have some muscle pain that lasts a few weeks but its not too terrible. If you are contracting away and cant breathe because the pain is SO bad during them, get the epidural. It was far easier for me to focus on the pushing part without it hurting than it was without. and push from your ribs. I was doing some epic keigels with my first one and it took forever, I pushed differently with the second and he came out in about 6 pushes total.

    About the hospital tour and pre birth classes, find a different hospital just for the class? Mine were 1-2 hours a night for a few weeks instead of all at once. Most pregnant women cant sit for 7 hours in a classroom.
    If all else fails, see if there is a virtual tour of the hospital or ask if you can get wheeled around in a wheelchair for a private tour instead.

    (((hugs))) you will get there and after, while you are holding your sleeping baby, you will wonder why you worried so much.

  2. Stan works 45 minutes away from home, so evening classes won’t work so well for us. Especially since he has so much going on after school. I am seriously thinking about seeing if we can get a wheelchair tour, however. Of course, there are two different hospitals, depending on when I deliver (the hospital with the level 3 NICU is 25 minutes away, whereas the one we’d like to deliver at is only 5 minutes away). I’m already registered at the early-delivery hospital 🙂

    Thank you for all of the awesome advice and reassurance!! *hugs*

  3. Since I was in denial ahead of time – I didn’t know jack about vaginal deliveries, either. A co-worker who’d had a baby the year before took me out to lunch one day and told me to just forget my dignity… that I was going to pee and poop right there on the table, etc. I’m sort of glad she told me things like that, because I’d have been mortified otherwise. (No one had warned her.) So, I’m warning you.

    You will have plenty of “takin’ care of business” after Seth arrives. Allow Stan to do this for you. Yes, it is hard. He’s tired and it is a lot… and it is hard for you to witness and feel helpless. But you are doing the truly hard work… you’re percolating a person. A whole HUMAN is in there. Seth won’t need a whole lot right at first (in terms of a “cute room” or whatever). Release the need for things to be perfect.

    I love you and you’re going to be OK. Educate yourself any way you can. Talk to friends who have been through it. Women have been doing this forever. Your body is going to help you out. It knows. I swear that isn’t a platitude. I was clueless and somehow Karl managed to get out of my body anyway.

  4. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/tutorials/vaginalbirth/htm/index.htm

    National library of medicine has an online tutorial in the patent education sections

  5. Hope all is going well with you. I just caught up on your archives and worry that you haven’t posted in so long. I hope you, Seth, and your husband are ok.

    • I didn’t realize how long it had been! I got a new post up today, and should have a second one up in the next day or two 🙂

      On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 3:52 PM, Knocked up!?

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