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13w5d– Boobies! (possibly TMI)

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As enticing as the title sounds, this post might be a bit TMI for any guys reading this blog, so continue at your own risk. You’ve been warned 😉


So,  I am officially down to one bra that fits. Stan has been telling me that the girls were getting bigger, but it just didn’t seem like it to me, lol. I really detest bra-shopping, so I’ll probably put it off until I have no other choice.

Now for the exciting news (well the bigger boobs are exciting  for my hubby, but this is exciting for me, lol). But, first, a little history. When I was very young, like 3 or 4, I dumped a stock-pot of boiling water on myself, causing third degree burns on my chest, hands, and tops of my feet. The burn got infected, and instead of keeping it bandaged, the doctor had me wear a men’s white t-shirt to sleep in, and then the shirt was wet down with betadine and water in the morning and pulled off. Essentially this gave the burn air to heal, and provided a pretty efficient debriding system. Unfortunately, one morning my left nipple came off with the T-shirt in a very painful manner. Now the weird part is that the nipple eventually grew back, areola and all. It’s always had a slightly different texture than the other one, and no one really knew if it would be functional or not, since none of the doctors had ever heard of a nipple growing back (and to this day, I haven’t met one who wasn’t surprised by it). Because of this, I was never sure if breastfeeding would be a viable option for me, since it could be pretty painful if I could empty one side, due to scar tissue.

Fast forward to this week– I have a small amount of colostrum coming out of BOTH nipples! Now the left side only seems to coming out of the middle, whereas there appears to be more outlets on the non-burned side, but this still leaves me VERY hopeful that I’ll be able to breastfeed (at least on the one side, and pump on the other) 🙂

In other news, I still haven’t gained anymore weight, but have had to give up my regular clothes because they were getting REALLY uncomfortable. And while I’m not a fashion plate, I *am* comfy, which is all that matters as far as I’m concerned, lol. I am looking forward to looking more pregnant however, because right now I just feel like I look really fat. And yes, *I* know I’m this shape because I’m pregnant, but it be nice for others to be able to see it too.

Appointment with the new OB on Monday– I hope that she’s nicer than the last one, and more on the same page with the specialist, since I really trust her opinions and experience. .. I’ll keep you all posted!