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Update on OB Situation

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My loving husband spent two days working with my Perinatal Specialist’s nurse, and we have obtained a referral for a new OBGYN that she is sure will take marvelous care of us. I’m really hoping so, because it’s a total pain to switch offices, and I really don’t want to have to do it again. My first appointment with the new doctor (Dr. Michaels) is on July 2nd. I’ve filled out and faxed the medical release to the old office so that the new one can have the records before my visit. Maybe she’ll even go over my lab results with me! And give me information on how things are going to work, since this is my first pregnancy! Online ratings of the new doctor are mixed, but I don’t know that that means anything, since all of the ratings for the old one were glowing, which still confuses me.  I wonder if he has one of those services that clean up your online reputations…? I trust Dr. Vo, and I am intending this to be a better experience. Mostly I just hope that the new doctor is neither poor-people, or fat-people prejudiced :\

This week I will be drafting a letter to send to the previous doctor’s affiliated hospital, as well as the program that referred us to him. I am also going to hit the social media sites and rate him as impartially as I can (I’m really trying to keep emotions out of all of this and just stick to the facts– you make a better case that way).  I have to be careful– as I previous victim of psychological abuse, it’s super-easy for me to rationalize everything. Luckily Stan is keeping me honest 😉


How NOT To Treat A Pregnant Patient…

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So, I just had my first visit with my OB, Dr. Wrightson (I saw his RNP, Sarah before, and she was fabulous!!). I am now looking for a new OB because in the brief 12-week visit, I berrated and told:

  1. I am fat and should be LOSING weight, not gaining it. Yes, I’m overweight (292 at 5’10” with a large frame). I have gained a total of 2lbs so far (12w2d). My Perinatal Specialist says that she’d like to see me gain a total 15-20lbs. Dr. Wrightson vehemently disaggreed. He also told me that I should have been exercising all along, because “exercise has no bearing on a high-risk pregnancy”. I’m 42 and my BP and Blood Sugar are both low-normal.
  2. Because Medicaid will pay for OTC meds with a prescription, I asked if he would write me a script for my prenatals and two other OTCs that I take. He informed me “just because Medicade WILL pay for something, doesn’t mean that they SHOULD pay for it, ” and told me that we should just be paying out of pocket for OTC stuff. He then refused to write a script for anything but the prenatals.
  3. When I told him that we are both currently unemployed (my husband is an out-of-work teacher) and that every littly bit helps, he pointed out that we are having a baby. When I told him that there wasn’t much that can be done about it now, he said, “Well there WAS something that COULD have been done about it.” Insinuating what? That we should have had an abortion!? I told him that that wasn’t an option, and he rolled his eyes at me (and apparently mumbled something under his breath, which I didn’t hear, but my husband did).
  4. I had the normal bloodwork done at my last visit, but he didn’t bother to go over any of it with me, instead he simply handed me my chart and walked out of the room. Luckily, I know a little bit about medical tests, so I was able to puruse my lab results and find out that I’m not a CF carrier, and the I have no Rubella immunity (which I already knew). Oh, and I’m Rh+ which would have been nice to know. If i would have been thinking more clearly, I would have just walked out of the office with the chart.

Needless to say I was horrified, and terribly upset. My husband desperately wanted to hit the guy. Knowing absolutely nothing about us or our circumstances, this man did nothing but judge us harshly and obviously find us unworthy to be parents.

The really strange thing about all of this is that he came to me highly recommended! If you look at his online reviews, they say things like “caring”, “patient”, “kind”, “wonderful human being”. It makes me feel like I must be some sort of troll for such a man to dislike me so much! Apparently he’s a great doctor if you’re not fat and poor. *eyeroll* Even if he was having a bad day, it really doesn’t excuse the way he treated me. I left there feeling like he would rather something happen to my baby, than have it raised by a fat, poor, old mother.

Stan has been on the phone with Dr. Vo’s office (my Perinatal Dr.) and they are horrified as well. Her nurse is checking to see if Dr. Vo will take me on as a regular labor and delivery patient, or if she can recommend someone who will treat me with more compassion, and possibly like a human being…

The plan at this point is to write a letter to send to the hospital board, the program that referred me to him, and to him.